contact-us-2Welcome to the Cozumel Sun! Please contact The Cozumel Sun with your questions, opinions, and suggestions!

The Cozumel Sun is the island’s first full electronic Newspaper in English.  Our goal is to be an on-line informational publication (in English) about Cozumel that portrays the beauty of this beautiful tourist haven, while providing valuable information to those that live here (full and part time), tourists and visitors.

The Cozumel Sun supports a number of Local families through an On-Going Garage Sale, (we accept your donated items year around), and a business that we established, “Papelería y Novedades Mama Lilly.” Both efforts are listed in the Volunteer and Donate section of this publication.

Cozumel is one of the best and safest places to live in Mexico; however, as in any other place in the world, there at times when precautions need to be taken. The Cozumel Sun will report anything that is pertinent to the health and safety of anyone, both in our website and Facebook pages.

contributeReaders are welcome to provide articles, pictures, and reviews to both our website and Facebook pages.

In the Cozumel Sun Business Directory we advertise businesses, individual service providers for FREE in our website. Check to see if you or your business is listed. If you need to make a correction or need to have your business added, submit the information to PLEASE INCLUDE IF YOU SPEAK ENGLISH so readers can be prepared to have an interpreter if needed.

The Cozumel Sun has a “Cozumel Guide.” Again, I rely on my readers to update this section as needed. Mexico is constantly changing the documentation needed to apply for various things, please help us keep the information updated.

The Cozumel Events Calendar is updated as the information arrives to enable you to plan your vacation or activities.

The Volunteer Opportunities Section consists of charitable organizations and projects in Cozumel that are in need of volunteers, funding, or materials. We have a Facebook page at:, please take the time to give us a like!

We have a Facebook Group at:, please join! I post day to day information that many times does not make it to the Cozumel Sun Website. This group gives us a forum to discuss the articles in the news, request information and participate in the contents.
We want to encourage readers to use the appropriate venue to resolve issues, not provide a forum for individual complaints or negative opinions. Complaints will be referred to the appropriate agency or party so they may be resolved.  As non-citizens of Mexico, we cannot be involved in Mexican politics or Mexican protests of any kind by law.

Have a problem? We are here to help! Feel free to write or call, we will point you in the right direction for a resolution. Like what you see? Let me know, I am a one woman operation, it gets lonely over here!

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