Two New Bird Species Discovered in Cozumel!

Two new bird species were sighted in Cozumel’s Punta Sur, in May of 2016! They are the Charrán Patas Rosadas (Pink legged Tern), a summer migratory bird and the Rascón Cuello Canela, (Cinnamon Necked Rascón).  The discoveries were reported by Paulina Sabido Villanueva the Project Coordinator of the “Fundación de Parques y Museos de Cozumel” (Cozumel Foundation of Parks and Museums), in the bird festival that took place in the Complejo Cultural, Científico, y Tecnológico Ka’Yok (Cultural, Scientific, and Technological Complex Ka’Yok this weekend. The Pink Legged Tern is Pictured above; I could not find an image of the Cinnamon Necked Rascón.

The nest of the Pink Legged Tern was discovered thanks to the work of graduate students of the Colegio de la Frontera Sur performing research in the area, the Cinnamon Necked Rascón was discovered by one of the members of the foundation.

The important discoveries were recorded in the “eBird” and “aVerAves” platform, a project developed by the Laboratory of Ornithology at Cornell and the National Audubon Society of the United States. This tool tracks birds observed anywhere in Mexico, USA and Canada.

Cozumel has the record of 304 bird species, of which 113 are located in Punta Sur. There are three endemic species, including the Colibrí Esmeralda de Cozumel and El Cuitacloche de Cozumel. (Cozumel Emerald Hummingbird and Cozumel Cuitacloche).

Among the species that inhabit the lagoons of the island are mangrove birds like the Chipi Dorado, Águila Pescadora, Garza Rojiza, Espátula Rosada, Ibis, y Fragatas. (Golden Chipi, Osprey, Reddish Egret, Roseate Spoonbill, Ibis, and Frigates).

Today, many tourists are interested in bird watching, especially the endemic species. This makes the birds of Cozumel through Bird Watching, a very important part of the tourism business.


Cozumel Birding Club