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Cozumel has a large sport fishing industry that takes place outside of the protected areas, which contain the world famous Cozumel reefs. Sport Fishing excursions are available on the island and the majority of the diving operators offer them.

Most operators offer fishing packages for both excursions: full or half day. The operator supplies everything from bottled water, drinks, fruit, light snacks, beers, and lunch, depending on the package you purchase and the duration of the trip. All the necessary fishing equipment is normally included, but we do invite you to bring along your own equipment if you so choose. Best of all, your catch is yours to eat!

The sport fishing zone in Cozumel mainly uses a technique called trawling.
There are many factors which play into having a successful sport fishing excursion. It is a near guarantee, however, that an operator with a captain and a good crew, made up of seasoned guides and expert fishermen, will make for a successful trip; most of these men were born and raised on the island and know where the best fishing is to be had.

Fishing Tournaments

There are fishing tournaments in Cozumel every year; some have become an island tradition. The main fishing event is: The Mexican Boat Rodeo, and the Torneo de pesca internacional, they take place during the month of May. The number of participants continues to grow each year and has made these fishing tournament one of the most prestigious in the Caribbean.

The Mexican Boat Rodeo is an annual sport fishing tournament that brings together competitors from Mexico and around the world to fish for Blue Marlin, White Marlin, Wahoo, Dorado, Tuna, Barracuda and other game fish.  More than a 100 boats participate in the event each year. Open to the general public, all are invited to take part in the tournament and participants simply need to register their boats in México.


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