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Cozumel’s beaches, together with the climate and the varying breeze make the island the ideal spot to practice aquatic sports like windsurfing, kitesurfing, and sailing. In some seasons, the west side of the island is ideal for surfing. Thanks to the breathtaking marine ecosystem surrounding the island, snorkeling and diving are very popular sports which can be practiced on both sides of the island. For your safety, and for the preservation of the ecosystems, ensure that you always dive with certified operators and tour guides.

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Cozumel is home to the second largest coral reef barrier in the world. For this reason, diving is the main sporting activity in Cozumel. There are more than 50 diving sites and multiple operators. Dive Paradise even offers diving certification. The wide variety of diving sites and coral reefs caters to every level of diver. Snorkeling is also a common activity that can be practiced from almost anywhere on the island due to the platform structure of the island and the rich marine life surrounding it.

It’s very common to see people practicing different sports on the main street and around the island. This has inspired the government to host marathons and triathlons for the local community and has likewise attracted many international events. There are triathlons like the Full ironman, ironman 70.3, ITU world triathlon, the swimming marathon FINA, and the bicycle marathon Gran Fondo, which all take place throughout the year.

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Sport fishing is also an option on the island. May and June are the best months to throw a line into the water due to a large variety of species migrating close to the Caribbean waters. For this reason, the fishing tournaments take place during these months. The most important of many is El Rodeo de Lanchas Mexicana that takes place each year in May. Cozumel also boasts many parks and semi professional baseball, basketball, and soccer clubs.

Sport fishing in Cozumel is first class and there are many different types of fish to be caught all year long; however, the best season runs from April to June. During this season, species like the blue marlin, the white marlin, sailfish, dorado, tuna, and barracudas can be found, along with a multitude of others. There is a prestigious fishing tournament on the island: El Rodeo de Lanchas Mexicana this event run annually in May.

Lately, International events such as the FINA High Diving World Cup; The Gran Fondo Bicycle Competition, Ironman 70.3, and Full Ironman, have come to Cozumel. The pier of the island is always full of athletes practicing their professional routine or people actively taking in the marvelous view of the ocean and the sunset.

The island also has a semi-professional soccer team, basketball team, and baseball team. Cozumel also includes a golf club at the Country Club in the northern hotel zone.

Extreme sports are also offered in Cozumel; one can practice everything from sailing, water skiing, windsurfing, and kite surfing on both coasts of the island. The moderate waves on the east side of the island are an attraction for surfers. Flyboard is also an option and is offered along the west zone of the island.