There are many automobile repair shops and mechanics in Cozumel. This is the place to list automobile repair shops and mechanics in Cozumel.  This section is for recommended Automobile mechanics, bodywork and upholstery.


Auto Express Multi-Service Mechanics
C.P. Javier Gonzales F.
878-5327 cell
Owner Speaks English

Recommended by: 2


 Jacobo James        987 115 42 82    
Alex James               987 119 83 26
General and Teflon
Polishing headlights, micas 3M material
Washing, upholstery cleaning and hydration
Audio installation, lights and Xeno’s
Cosmetic paint
Quotes and at Home Services
English Spoken by one Owner

 Recommended by: 1


 “El Colega”
Miguel Euán Cano
Tel: 987 116 7263
Calle 4 North between 100 Bis and 105 
Spanish Only
Got any dents or rust spots that need work ? “El Colega” comes highly recommended.  He does an absolutely beautiful job, is fast and on time, and the price is really reasonable.  With this recommendation from Lynn Horowitz, ( 872 3071) what more could you ask for.  He does not speak English but with a few words of Spanish you can get him to tell you an estimate and a time to pick it back up.  He is located back behind the Boxito on the Transversal.  It is probably easiest to just drive there and show him what you want done. Finding it for the first time was easy, just follow Calle 4 which is parellel with the Transversal ( Juarez’ extension).

 Recommended by: 1

el campeon

El Champeon

Highly recommend Freddy, El Campeon corner of 25 & 6 for car paint, body work and refinishing. He did a great job on some rust spots and thorough polishing, paint touch ups on my car. Said 3 days, finished in 3 days and fair pricing.

 987 107 1538  
Spanish Only
 Recommended by: 1
Centro Tecnoelectrico del Caribe
Refrigeracion y Aire
Acondicionado Automotriz
Domestico Y Comercial Electrodomesticos
Compra Y Venta De Refacciones
Jose Alonso Pech Albornoz
Spanish Only

autobody repair



Is your favorite auto shop or mechanic not listed? Please send his or her name to me at  Please write down if they speak English, Spanish only, or little English.




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