hospitalsHere is a listing of Cozumel hospitals. All doctors, hospitals or medical facilities, public or private, will require full payment for services to be rendered, in cash or by credit card, at the time of service.  Most are NOT able to bill your US insurance company for payment.  Rather, they will give you receipts for your payment so you may request reimbursement from your U.S. insurance carrier; be sure to get an itemized bill.  We have had many cases of U.S. citizens not allowed to discharge from local hospitals until payment is made in full.  If you believe you are being charged unfairly, you may contact the Mexican government consumer rights protection agency, PROFECO or call 01-800-468-8722 and ask for an English-speaking operator).

Medicare and Medicaid will generally NOT cover medical expenses incurred outside of the U.S.  For more information, please visit the Official Medicare website and the Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services.

Many policies do NOT cover costs of air ambulance service. Additional insurance that will cover air ambulance/medevac service is strongly recommended for all travelers. It is a good idea to get a 24/7 phone number from your insurance carrier.

The area code for Cozumel phone numbers is 987. To call from the U.S. to land lines in Mexico, dial 011-52- and the area code and number. For example, to call the BMM SSS Clinic from the U.S. dial 011-52-987-872-1430. To call from the U.S. to cell phones in Mexico, dial 011-521- and the area code and number. If  the call does not go through, dial 011-52- and the area code and the number as it may be a Nextel cell phone, which acts as a land line.

All clinics listed (except Centro de Salud and Cruz Roja) have at least one English speaking doctor on call for tourists. Most hotels will have a list of these doctors at the front desk or have a particular doctor that they can call for you.


BMM / SSS Clinic & Hyperbaric Dive Medicine
Calle 5 Sur #21-B entre Melgar y 5th Avenida
Phone: 872-1430, 1431 or 2387,
Fax: 872-1848
Email: cozumel@sssnetwork, website:
Point of contact: Julio Torres, Phone: 103 5524
Clinica Medica San Miguel
Calle 6 North #132 entre 5 y 10 Avenida
Phone: 872-0103, 6155, 5850, or 3241
Email:, website:
Has a hyperbaric chamber


Cruz Roja (Mexican Red Cross)
20 Av entre Rosada Salas y 1 Sur
Phone: 872-1058, cell phone: # 114, public phone: 065
Treatment for donation


Centro de Salud (Public Health Center)
11 Sur y 20 Av Sur
Phone:  872-0140 or 0525


Clinica Villanueva
10 Av Nte x 6 # 19
Phone: 872-0395
Doctor at home phone: 872-3050


Repatriation services Cozumel and Playa del Carmen, Mexico
Contact: Patient Services International Department
From USA Toll free 888.409.0504 ext. 1100
From inside Mexico Toll free 01800COSTAMED ext.1100
Local phone Cozumel 987.872.9400
Cell phone Cozumel 987.871.1371
Local phone Playa del Carmen 984.803.7777
Contact e-mail:
Supervisor e-mail:

costa med

Costamed Hyperbaric Chambers
Calle 1 sur No 101 / 50 y 50bis
O: +52 987 8725050 | México Emergencies: 018003123911
México Lada Sin Costo 800COSTAMED | Fax 987.872.1636
USA TOLL FREE 888.409.0504  
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