Electricians in Cozumel are very important! Electricity in Mexico is nothing like it is back in the United States, there is no law that mandates code specifications and no inspectors. It is important that you hire someone that knows what they are doing and has electrical training. Many Mexicans do their own electrical projects, it does not make them electricians. Please check qualifications before hiring anyone to do electrical work at your house.

Eric  Maximino Castillo Ramirez
Spanish Only
Eric does Plumbing, Electrical, Cement, Roof Sealing, Painting, and more. Eric is a true Jack of all trades!
 Mario Puc post 
987 112-4353
Juan Jose
987 105-1525
Garage Door Installation

Electricians in Cozumel electrician
Is your favorite electrician not listed? Please send his or her name to me at auraholguin@thecozumelsun.com.  Please write down if they speak English, Spanish only, or little English.

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