Funeral Homes & Cemeteries in Cozumel is a work in progress. I will be investigating and adding the information over the next few weeks.

Funeral Homes in Cozumel

Alcomex Funeral Home

3 Sur 300 X Felipe Angele S/N. S Esq.




Funeral Homes & Cemeteries san jose 1 San José J C Casa Funeral

Felipe Angeles  Between  Adolfo Rosado Salas & 3  Sur
(987) 120-9755
Carlos Vera Martinez Services Coordinator
Cel: (987) 126-0364 Cel
Email: (Proprietor)



Read Cozumel Sun Feature Article on San José Casa Funeral:


010There are two main Cemeteries in Cozumel, The Municipal Cemetery downtown on 5th Avenida Sur and Calle 9 Bis, and the Mansion de Paz Cemetery. It is my understanding that the Municipal cemetery downtown is completely sold out.

012The Mansion de Paz Cemetery is located on Claudio Canto Anduze. It is the same large street that you take to get to the Cozumel Humane Society and the Street the semis used to line up on to catch the vehicle Ferry before the new terminal was built. You can’t miss it, it is way down on the right about two blocks pass 65. (Further-more, it turns into a dead end street a few blocks down, right after the City Jail and the gas company.)

Lot Prices August 2014 in Mexican Pesos

The Lot Sizes are as follows:       COST                    Full -20%    OR   50% Deposit   & 3 Payments of:

Small up to 2 Loved Ones             $ 5,566.00         $ 4,452.00                $ 2,783.00            $ 927.66

Medium up to 4 Loved Ones      $ 11, 638.00       $ 9,310.40                $ 5,819.00             $ 969.83

Family up to 6 Loved Ones          $ 16,588.00       $ 13,270.40             $ 8,294.00             $ 1,382.33

Large Lot up to 12 Loved Ones   $ 27,390.00     $ 21,912.00              $ 13,695.00           $ 2,282.50

At the time of purchase you will also pay for a Construction Permit:

Small                     $50.00

Medium              $100.00

Family                  $200.00

Large                     $350.00

 … And you will pay for a Burial Permit that for us was 10% of the purchased Price.

Other Options and Pricing:

Individual Vault               $ 5,940.00

Community Grave:         $1,430.00

Osarios:                               $1,650.00


– Two Copies of Credentials “De Elector (IFE)” – (In Our Case Immigration Documentation Card)

– Two Copies of Proof of Residency (Water, Light, or Telephone Bill)


Sr. Jaime Humberto Yam Cetina