Gardeners in Cozumel

There are many gardeners in Cozumel available to meet your needs. There is a shortage of available experience gardeners that speak English in Cozumel. Unfortunately, people tend to find a good one and not want to share. If you do not know Spanish, be very creative and draw what you want done or find a friend or neighbor that can give the gardeners your detailed instructions. It is not just the language that can create a lack of communication with the gardener, it is also the culture. For an example, on a walk in an undeveloped area,  I found a stash of beautiful ferns. I helped myself to small ferns and rushed home to plant them in my yard. In Minnesota these ferns are very expensive. The ferns took root and grew beautifully. Our neighbor pulled them all out when she decided to help me weed my garden. She explained to me that they grew everywhere here and are considered a weed. Please give very specific instructions to your gardener!

Luis Villalva

Orlando Morales Chan
No English

Miguel Francisco Chuc Campos
Hago todo tipo de trabajo de jardinería
Solo hábleme o mande WhatsApp
y mensaje a 987-112-8076
con gusto le atenderé precios bajos
y presupuesto sin compromiso

Jesus Sanchez
Little English
No English

Cleans and Clears Lots and Yards:

Juan Bautista Caballero Velazquez    987-112- 7911  ON whatsapp

gardenerIs your favorite gardener not listed? Please send his or her name to me at  Please write down if they speak English, Spanish only, or little English.

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