You can find a reliable handyman in Cozumel.  My description of a handyman is someone who has experience in a variety of areas such as plumbing, electrical, cement work, house painter, etc. Many men in Cozumel Mexico are self-taught to care for minor repairs in their own homes. Some locals have even built their homes. Availability is an issue as many work maintenance jobs at the public schools or government buildings. At these jobs they do a variety of tasks.  These jobs do not pay very much money so they make themselves available to take on outside work after hours.


Alfredo Lopez Montiel
House Painter,  paint and varnish furniture, paint ironwork, Gardening,
Speaks Little English
Eric  Maximino Castillo Ramirez
Spanish Only
Eric does Plumbing, Electrical, Cement, Roof Sealing, Painting, and more. Eric is a true Jack of all trades!
handiman 1
Is your favorite handyman not listed? Please send his or her name to me at auraholguin@thecozumelsun.com.  Please write down if they speak English, Spanish only, or little English.