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Miguel 869 8106 o4
Cell 987 105 6042
Ave 5 and Calle 6
Guardian Siempre Alerta
Daniel and terry

The Cozumel Sun’s Recommendation for Best Home Security in Cozumel:

humane society

Yes, adopt a dog! He does not need to be big, just noisy! Man’s best friend has proven to be my family’s choice for home security. We credit our little guys for keeping our home safe from burglars!

Contact us at our clinic phone number in Cozumel Mexico
(+52) 987-112-3376
For general inquiries about the shelter, medical services, local adoptions, volunteering, donations of money or supplies, please contact us at Pets@HumaneCozumel.org
Our pet supply and accessory stores are in several locations around town. For information on our stores and how you can buy our pet-related products or if you would like to donate supplies for our stores, please contact Joni Mitchell at Pets@HumaneCozumel.org
Driving directions from downtown via the waterfront street (Rafael Melgar) heading south:
• Drive south until you reach the last set of lights before Melgar turns into the highway. You will see the International cruise ship pier to your right and the Pemex gas station just beyond the light. Turn LEFT at the light.
• Drive .7 km and until you see the big Humane Society sign on your RIGHT.
•Turn RIGHT on the dirt road.
• Drive 300 yards until you see a small sign with our logo directing you to turn RIGHT.
• Drive 40 yards until you see the next sign with our logo directing you to turn LEFT.
• Drive 20 yards and we are on the left, you can’t miss us!
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