Check out the many options of insurance that are available in Cozumel. Here are two agents that have information on all your insurance needs and speak English:

Cozumel Insurance
Calle 14 Entre 15 y 20
Cecilia Desire Sanroman Aranda
Independent Licensed Insurance Agent / Asesor

CP Seguro Insurance
Irma Portilla de Cantarell
Asesor en Seguros
Calle 11 between 25 & 30 Ave. No. #598


There are two Government funded Medical insurance options available Seguro Popular (Free for low Income Residents) and IMSS Insurance. Check out Cozumel Health Insurance in The Cozumel Sun at


Aura Holguin-Resch
The Cozumel Sun News
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Papeleria y Novedades Mama lilly
RFC: RFC: MAMB780915969
987-118-4453 CELL
386-445-8702 USA