Everyone that lives in Cozumel  needs an Official Translator. All legal documents in English must be translated to Spanish by a Government licensed Official translator.  In Cozumel the following people are licensed to officially translated your legal documents from English to Spanish and affix a motorized Seal.


Mónica Sauza Garrido

Email: mosag@prodigy.net.mx
75 Ave. Sur #613
Entre Hidalgo & 7th
Telephone: 987-872-5394


Natalia Gabriela Casas Perez                                                            

Email: Natalia_casas@hotmail.com
Calle Gaviotas No. 344, Fracc Flamingos II
Phone: 987-857-0455, cell 987-871-0255








 Is your favorite Official Translator not listed? Please send his or her name to me at auraholguin@thecozumelsun.com.  Please write down if they speak English, Spanish only, or little English.