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Ophthalmologists & Opticians in Cozumel

Mexico is awash with opticians and you should have no trouble finding someone to test your eyesight in most of Mexico’s larger towns and cities.

Most of the opticians you’ll find in Mexico are franchises which offer a complete eye-treatment service: from eye exams through to supplying glasses and contact lenses.

You will also be able to find local, independent, opticians some of which have practiced for years and have a great deal of experience.

Eye Examinations: Eye exams are usually free if you buy eye glasses or contact lenses, if you need them, at the same place. The quality of eye exams varies and you should try to select an optician that offers you experienced eye doctors and modern testing equipment.

Eye Glasses and Frames: If you need your eye-sight corrected, you’ll have an enormous choice of glasses, frames, designer frames and frame styles to choose from. Frames and glasses are relatively expensive in Mexico, especially if you want brand-name designer frames.

Contact Lenses: Contact lenses are widely available in Mexico, including the monthly disposable. Daily disposable lenses are available in fewer places and may need to be pre-ordered for later pick-up. Some of the larger Sanborns Stores stock a range of daily disposal lenses which they sell over-the-counter. Although contact lenses are available over the counter without a prescription, you should have ‘contact lens eye test’ undertaken annually when you wear contact lenses as the optician will check for infections or other issues which may arise with the use of contact lenses.

Laser Treatment: Laser Eye Treatment is available in Mexico. Talk to your eye doctor or optician about this. Prices for treatment are still quite high, as they are in most places around the world.



Ophthalmologist  (Eye Doctor)

Dr. Concepcion Planas @ San Miguel Clinic
10th between Calle 1a.Sur and Avenida Juarez
Phone: 872-3805
Optica Medina
30 Avenida #600 M. Hidalgo & 7 Sur
Monday -Saturday 9 to 2 and 5 to 9
Cel 987-118-1962
Cel 987-107-3485
Optica 120-4949
I used  Mr. Medina in October 2014 for a repair. Fast, courteous,  efficient, and economical. –  Aura Holguin Resch The Cozumel Sun
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