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Television and Cable Services

In this section you will learn what TV and cable services are available in Cozumel. Watching United States Television and Movies in Cozumel has come a long way since I first moved here. The internet has made available a wealth of options to enable us to connect. Life can get pretty lonely for those of us that are couch potatoes without our favorite television shows.

The following is a list of just SOME of the many options for watching TV. I use Chrome instead of Internet Explorer and change the language to English for the Latin America on-line sites.

Your provider options are Cablemas, Cable de Cozumel, and Temex.

Update 2016: Cablemas is VERY SLOW they have poor service.

Richard Westerlage
September 15 2016

Ok , went to Cable De Cozumel office. According to their rep they have a steady internet speed. They certainly have the only true fibre optics available here. Their own cable, transatlantic .
Download and upload speeds are the same , tv looks good with some english channels.
3mbps,with TV is 625pesos monthly
5 mbps, with tv is 874
10mbps with tv is 1075
No contract needed, 1000 pesos installation.
Their office is indeed behind sports complex, located east of the road where the peace ship pontoons are, maybe 21st?

Other options are watching via your computer, laptop or I Pad:

Libera Tu Red

Allows you to use services that just being in the United States could use. Services like Crackle, Vudu, Netflix, Pandora, Spotify, Fox, CBS, which are very different in Mexico or unavailable.  Libera tu Red Internet de EUA with Amaury.

tv & cable



B TV Guide:   Free   

Cuevana TV:   Free

Seriesid: Free           Free/Plans & DVR

Watch Series on Line Free:

Watch all Series on line:  Free  Free Free

Netflix:   $9.00 per month Approx

Accessories:  Roku, Apple TV, WII, X Box, and Rabbit TV ($9.99 at Walgreen’s). Roku and Apple TV will enable you to listen to Pandora Radio.

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 Momentum Electronics



United States Modem (IP Address enables Netflix and Hulu Plus to work)







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