Cozumel Recycling:  CAMAR

Cozumel CAMAR is the recycling agency for the island. “Centro de Acopio De Materiales Reciclables”  is located on Calle 1 Sur con 140 Ave. Colonia Juan Bautista Vega. They are open from 7 am to 3 pm. Have your recyclables outside on the curb during these hours on your pick up day. Please use White plastic bags for your recyclables when appropriate. REMINDER: IT IS YOUR RESPONSIBILITY TO SWEEP AND PICK UP ACCUMULATED TRASH IN FRONT OF YOUR PROPERTIES.

CAMA accepts the following items:

Llantas (Tires)
Colchones (Matreses)
Chatarra Mixta (Mixed Recyclables)
Aceite Vegetal Quemado (Used Vegetable Oil)
PET (Plastic Bottles)
Plástico Duuro (Hard Plastic)
Plástico de Color (Color Plastic)
Cartón (Carton)
Papel (Revista, Archivo, Periódico) Paper (Magazines, Newspapers, Archives, scratch papers, etc.)
Pilas (Batteries)
Electronicos y Electrodomesticos SIN Desarmar (Electronics and Household Appliances NOT dismantled)

Cozumel Recyclable Trash Collection Schedule

Lunes / Mondays                                                      Martes / Tuesdays
Emiliano Zapata                                                            Andrés Quintana Roo
Urba                                                                                 Colonos Cuzamil
Félix Gonzales Canto                                                    San Miguel 1
Inviqroo                                                                          San Miguel 2 & 3
Flores Magón I && II                                                   Frac. Flores Magon II

Miercoles / Wednesdays                                      Jueves / Thursdays
Maravilla                                                                         San Gervasio
Magisterio                                                                       Juan Bautista Vega
Flamingos                                                                        Nueva Generacion
CTM Taxistas                                                                  Chen Tuk
Fovissste                                                                          Repobladores

Viernes / Friday                                                        Sabado / Saturday
Centro                                                                              F. Caribe
10 de Abril                                                                       F. El Encanto
Adofo L. Mateo                                                               F. Altamar I
Miraflores                                                                        F. Altamar II


Cozumel Eliminate Plastic Grocery Bag Program

The island has a campaign to eliminate the use of shopping plastic bags and are encouraging all Cozumel Residents to use cloth bags to carry their groceries and other purchases.

This is going to be a tough habit to break, as the grocery stores all use plastics and the bags double for use in the homes for storage and trash.

We must set an example and either purchase the recycle bags available at the store or bring along our own cloth bags for our purchases.   Help us make a difference!


Aura Holguin-Resch
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