Medical Emergencies for Residents & Tourists

If you should need to call for a medical emergency, be ready to let the ambulance driver know what hospital you wish to be transported to. Some hospitals are expensive if you do not have insurance coverage. If you have a medical condition and your Spanish is not fluent, have a Spanish translation of the problem or problems handy to make it easier for you to communicate with the paramedics. Examples of things you might want to list are high blood pressure, heart condition, diabetic, allergies, and symptoms. There are many bilingual Doctors on the Island. However, be ready in the event your Doctor is not available.




Everyone vacationing should know if your insurance is accepted at any of the local hospitals. Ambulances are privately run, and get paid by taking you to certain clinics. Have a name of a hospital or clinic available and demand to be taken there. Have enough funds in your credit and debit cards to cover medical expenses, and funeral expenses, including returning the remains home. Consider purchasing flight insurance. Changing a flight departure date due to illness or death can cost up to $400! Flight insurance can cover medical expenses not covered by your regular insurance company.

When you move to Mexico, you should acquaint yourself with the local medical and health facilities available in your  area. Find out where your nearest hospitals and clinics are, as well doctors, dentists and opticians and keep their telephone contact numbers at hand. You can find this information out from neighbors, friends, work colleagues or contact your local consulate who are able to give you a list of local health facilities in the city or town where you live. The Cozumel Sun has a listing of Service Providers for your convenience.

Have these instructions and numbers written on a card that you carry with you . In emergency situations you do not think clearly enough to remember who to call.

Although Mexico has a number of universal emergency numbers, numbers for specific emergency services vary by state and locality, so ask about the numbers for the local police, ambulance and fire station and keep these handy by the home and office phone (and save them in your mobile phone).

You can ask for the police, an ambulance or the fire brigade using 911.

Some insurance companies supply their own emergency contact numbers to policy holders and will connect you to an English-speaking operator.


 Emergencies in Cozumel


fire truck2Emergency  –  911 Effective 10/03/2016
Angeles Verde –  078    (road-side Assistance Eastern side of Island)
24 Hour Doctor  – 872-0103
24 Hour Dentist – 872-0808
Hyperbaric Chamber  – 872-0103
Hyperbaric Chamber – 872-3070
Police  – 872-0092
Red Cross  – 872-1058

24/7 Emergencies in Cozumel – House Call Services


*Twitter: @Urg24Hrs
*Mobile: 987 114 3947
*Whatsapp: +52 1 998 280 0565

green angel truck
Taxi Cab  – 872-0236
Taxi Cab  – 872-0041

U.S. Consulate  – 872-4574
U.S Consulate  – 872-6152
U.S. Consulate  –  044- 987-121-0323

PROFECO, the Federal Consumer Interest Bureau is responsible for enforcing the Consumer Protection Federal Law. You may file a complaint by email also to: and at any Mexican Embassy or Consulate in the world. For information on Cozumel, you can visit the City’s Department of Tourism at Plaza Del Sol in the Main Plaza, Parque Benito Juarez. (Second Floor next to Social Security)

Swimming on the “Other Side”

When swimming anywhere on the island it is important that you observe the rules and stay inside the designated swim zones. There is a lot of boat traffic from cruise ships, ferries, fishing, snorkeling, and other waters ports. It is always a good practice to swim with a buddy or in an area that is patrolled by a lifeguard. When on the other side, you have to contend with Rip Current and strong waves.

DO NOT GET IN THE WATER if there is a no swimming (RED FLAG) advisory. Always swim within eye sight of a lifeguard incase of an unexpected current or medical emergency.


The simplest thing to do is to observe the water for two minutes.  Those 2 minutes  can save your life.

It you see the ocean wave void (like in the picture ) do not attempt to go into the sea. This is called a  Rip current. It is very strong and will pull you further into the sea (ocean).





Please share to warn your family and friends.

Spanish Phrases to Use in an Emergency

Provided By: YucaLandia/Surviving Yucatan

I have an Emergency:

Yo tengo  una  Emergencia.

(Yoh  tehn-go  ooh-nah  Eh-mehr-hen-see-yuh)

Please send help immediately:

Por  favor  envié  ayuda  inmediatamente.

(Pore  fah-vore ,  ehn-vee-yay  eye-you-duh  een-may-dee-yah-tah-men-tay)

Please send me an Ambulance:

Por  favor  mandeme  una  Ambulancia.

(Pore  fah-vore ,  mahn-de-may  ooh-nah  Ahm-buhl-lahn-see-yuh)

Please send me the Police:

Por  favor  envie  a  la  Policia.

Pore  fah-vore ,  ehn-vee-yay   ah  lah  Pole-lee-see-yuh.

Please send me the Firemen:

Por  favor  envie  a  los  Bomberos.

(Pore  fah-vore ,  ehn-vee-yay   ah  lohw-s  Bohm-behr-rohs)

My address is: (street number & house number & Colonia:

Mi Dirección es Calle ______,                          (Mee  dee-reck-see-ohn  ehs  Kigh-yay)

Numero  _____,                                                       (New-mehr-row)

Entre   Calle ___ __ y _____,                                (ehn-tray  Kigh-yay)  __(eee)

En la Colonia __________________.                 (ehn  lah  Cole-lone-nee-yuh)


Fill in the blanks with your personal information.

My name is: (your name):

Me llamo:  _________.                                            (Mee  jyah-mo)

My phone number is: (your phone number):

Mi  telefono  es:  _________.                                 (Mee  teh-leh-fone-no    ehs)

I am having a Heart Attack:

Yo  estoy  teniendo  un  Ataque  al  Corazon.

(Yoh  eh-stoy  ten-yehn-do  uhn  Ah-tack-Kay  al  Core-rah-zone).

My husband is having a Heart Attack:

Mi  esposo  tiene  un  Ataque  al  Corazon.

(Mee  eh-spo-so  tee-yehn-eh   uhn   Ah-tack-Kay   al   Core-rah-zone).

My wife is having a Heart Attack:

Mi  esposa tiene  un  Ataque  al  Corazon.

(Mee   eh-spo-sah   tee-yehn-eh   uhn   Ah-tack-Kay   al   Core-rah-zone).

Please send help immediately:

Por  favor  envie  ayuda  inmediatamente.

(Pore  fah-vore ,  ehn-vee-yay  eye-you-duh  een-may-dee-yah-tah-men-tay) .

I am bleeding profusely:

Me  estoy  desangrando.

(Mayh eh-stoy  des -sahn-grahn-doh) .

Attribution: YucaLandia/Surviving Yucatan.

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