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 The Fundacion De Parques Y Museos De Cozumel Card is what I call the Park Card for short. This card is a must have to get the local discounts at all the Municipal Parks and the Museum. It is issued by the Fundacion De Parques Y Museos located next to Oxxo on 30th Avenida near Juarez and at their office in Chankanaab Park. (On 30th it is the white building with red trim with huge letters “FPMC”, you can’t miss it). Their hours are Monday – Friday 8:30 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. You will need a copy of your immigration credentials, your Plan Locale Card, a copy of your INAPAM card (if applicable), and a copy of a current utility invoice for proof of residence. There is a minimal charge for each card ($30 pesos in 2014).. Just like the Plan Locale, they have a machine that takes your picture and transfers it to their computer. They show you the picture and then print it on a hard plastic card with your data in a matter of minutes. It is well worth the effort as the discount is 50% at Chankanaab Park alone!


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