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Consulate Requirements for Residente Permanente or Temporal Card Lost Abroad


Update on What to do if you lose your INM card

Sept. 15, 2016:
We wrote about the formal (past) procedures for what to do if you lose your INM card, especially when outside of Mexico.   The old details are at:  ”

Lost or Stolen Residente Permanente or Residente Temporal Card “

That previous post describes how to do it at a Mexican Consulate.
.Here’s a Fun New Alternative:
INM is NOW implementing a new system,  where the foreigner temporarily enters Mexico on a ‘tourist’ visitante visa,  and then goes immediately to their local INM office to get a replacement card.

Here’s the narrative of a person who recently successfully used the ‘new’ INM procedure:

The American lost both his CURP and Residente Permanente cards while in the USA.

Following the typical guidance from the SRE website, he went to a Mexican Consulate in Texas … but was not allowed into the Consulate  without an appointment.  He was told to go on line and request an appointment … but his flight was the next day, so he  just entered Mexico by air, explaining to the airport INM personnel that he had lost his RP card.

The INM people were quite nice, however, they said they could not let him into Mexico using his Permanente status without his card.  The INM agents at the airport explained  that he must enter Mexico (temporarily) using a VISITORs VISA…   They insisted that he would NOT lose his  Residente Permanente status if

~ He I went to his local INM office soon after arriving home in Mexico…  and

~ The INM border agents told him to request replacement card from his local INM office.

~  Then,  then INM agents at his local office should then call the airport (or border) INM office,   and

~ The airport INM would correct his visa entry status in the airport INM records.

Finally,  the fellow who lost his visa card explained how to go online and start the process of getting a replacement RP card,  before going to the local INM office:

  1.  Go online to  TramitesSelect:  Migracion visa y PasaporteSelect:   Condiciones y estancia en MexicoSelect:   Reposicion de documento migratorio

    Reposicion de Documento Migratorio por Perdida, robo o Deterioro.

  2. Print out the form online & take it in to your local INM office.
  3. INM accepts your request for a replacement RP card form and starts the process by giving you a payment document to take to a bank to pay $1108 pesos for replacing the lost card.
  4. Go pay the fee at a bank, and take the payment confirmation firm from the bank, back to your INM office., along with the original form for requesting a replacement card, copy of your passport and the original, and the ‘visitors visa’ card from the airport (or border).He was given an appointment for an interview for the next day.

At the next day’s appointment,  the INM agent accepted the forms, along with the Visa that was given to him when entering at the airport showing he entered as a tourist.  The local INM agent explained that they were instituting new procedures so people don’t have to start the Permanente process all over again.

INM is now  treating the lost card as being lost in Mexico.  He is supposed to return in about a week to be finger printed and should have his new Permanente card in about two more weeks.

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Attribution: YucaLandia/Surviving Yucatan.
© Steven M. Fry