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The Plan Locale card serves both as a discount card at both passenger ferry companies and as proof of residence for local businesses that give discounts to the residents. I applied at the “Modulo De Plan Locale” located outside the offices of Mexican Waterjets on Avenida 6 Norte between 10th and 15th. The process was fast and easy.  You need your original Immigration card, your proof of residence (current cable, light, or water bill) and present your senior card (INAPAM) if you have one (50% Ferry discount for seniors). The cost is $100 pesos. They take your picture and issue your card right on the spot.   The card is renewed annually and coincides with your immigration renewal date if applicable.

I met with an official of Mexican Waterjets on behalf of the many residents that live on the island six months per year and hold no Visa. I am sorry to report at this time that they will not make an exception.

Aura Holguin-Resch
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