cemetaryU.S. Consular Information Sheet – Deaths Abroad

Many insurance companies and U.S. Estate Courts require that the circumstances of all deaths of American citizens that take place outside of the United States be documented by  a “Report of a Death Abroad” that is issued by a U.S. Consulate. To ensure that any death that occurs in Mexico is properly certified, the following documents must be provided to the Director of the Funeral Home in Mexico &/or to the U.S. Consular Agent :

1. Original, certified, coy of the birth  (OR naturalization)  certificate & a photo id. of the deceased (i.e. Driver’s License, etc.)   OR   his/her  U.S. passport .

2.  Personal Data form regarding the deceased, filled out by a friend or family member.

As a service to our citizens, 20 copies of  the  RODA (Report of Death Abroad), which serves as a valid U.S. death certificate, are issued by the Consulate in Merida, at no charge. The identity documents of the deceased & an explanation of how to order additional copies of the RODA will be included when these are sent out to the next of kin. This usually takes 2-3 weeks, so the funeral home will also send you the Mexican death certificate that is  issued here in Cozumel. This will be sent to your Funeral Agent in the US, along with your loved one’s remains, just in case your insurance company can begin a claim with them.

The fastest way to receive the RODA documents is  to arrange a Federal Express account as soon as you return to the U.S. (there is no fee to open an account & it can be done easily by phone) , then email , fax, or phone me with the name, address & phone # of the account holder as well as the account number. The Consulate in Merida will then  Fed Ex. the documents to you on your account number as soon as they are ready. Be sure to let me know to whom & where you wish for us to  send the RODA’s  and ID documents.


Your loved one’s remains can only be prepared for transport by a Funeral Agent in Mexico . It is standard practice in Mexico for the Funeral Agent to need full payment before providing this service.  For additional information and links to local funeral homes who can make the arrangements for the return of your loved one’s remains please see:

Continental Airlines Tracking Service Center  for Shipment of Mortal Remains  1- 800-253-3131


Playa del Carmen Consular Agency


  • American Consular Agency in Playa del Carmen, Mexico“The Palapa”
    Calle 1 Sur, entre Avenida 15 y Avenida 20
    77710 Playa del Carmen, Q. Roo
  • (+52) (999) 942 5700
  • conagencyplayadelc@state.gov
  • Monday-Friday: 09.00-13.00
  • HEAD OF MISSION:                         Heather Andersen, Consular Agent


sun-logo-2The Cozumel Sun Emergency Numbers:      https://www.thecozumelsun.com/cozumel-guide/emergencies/

For  Information on Funeral Homes:   https://www.thecozumelsun.com/cozumel-business-directory/funeral-homes-cemeteries/


Other Quick Information Links:

Canadá:  https://travel.gc.ca/assistance/emergency-info/death-abroad

U.S.: https://travel.state.gov/content/passports/en/abroad/events-and-records/death.html


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