Cozumel News April 8, 2017

In this issue, Official Cozumel Ceremony to Start Easter Vacation, A Cozumel Alert, The Sun Garage Sale, Cozumel Events April and May 2017, and Cozumel English Worship services.

Cozumel Alert!

On Thursday, April 6, the Cozumel Ecology Department sent forth the following alert to Cozumel residents pertaining to Vietnamese Pigs. The following is their alert in it’s entirety translated to English.

Vietnamese pigs (Sus scrofa) are a common domestic pig breed. Their diet may include terrestrial and marine turtles, birds, reptiles, mammals and macroinvertebrates. They have a high reproductive rate, besides being able to live, adapt and colonize quickly in almost any environment. Due to these characteristics, they are considered an invasive species, which causes serious damage to ecosystems and native species. Therefore, their presence on Cozumel Island can become a serious problem.
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Vietnamese pig (Sus scrofa) Worldwide have caused serious environmental and public health problems. They damage crops, natural spaces, are predators of native species and compete with others for resources. When digging their burrows they affect large areas of native vegetation and disperse weeds, disrupting the ecological processes. In addition, they can transmit to  human diseases like the leptospirosis fever and hoof-and-mouth disease, among others.
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It is important to note that Vietnamese pigs are different from the dwarf pecan of Cozumel (Pecari tajacu nanus). The latter is endemic to the island and is the most endangered peccary in the world. While both species are classified into different families, people can confuse them. The pecan of Cozumel has an average height of 65 cm and a length of 50 to 70 cm; The tail is almost non-existent, since it only measures 2 to 5 cm. It is characterized by a coat of chestnut-blackish bristles and a white spot that resembles a collar at the base of the neck, its food is based mainly on roots and fruits. In contrast, the Vietnamese pig has a rounded and heavy body (70 to 90 kg), with an average height of one meter, short legs, tail of about 20 cm and its skin exhibits a wide variety of colors and markings.
The presence of Vietnamese pigs in Cozumel endangers the dwarf pecan. One risk is that they can infect them with diseases, which could be fatal for the species in Cozumel.  At the moment, some of these animals are loose in a land located on the malecón, near Villa Blanca. The Municipal Government of Isla Cozumel, through the Ecology Branch, the Technical Secretariat, the Directorate of CONANP (National Commission of Natural Protected Areas) of Cozumel and the owner of these animals, are working together to contain them and prevent them from becoming a greater risk.
We request your support by  reporting this invasive species if you see one outside of that site. Go to the offices of the Ecology Division located at 65 Ave. with calle 31 sur Centro de Interpretación Ambiental el Cenote or call 872 5795.
If you see one,  do not go near it or feed it!  Please report it to the authorities! Your support is very important in the timely detection and control of this exotic invasive species. By controlling the population of this species in time, we contribute to the conservation of the natural heritage of Cozumel.  (
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Official Cozumel Ceremony to Start Easter Vacation

The annual ceremony announcing that Cozumel is ready for the official start of Holy Week Vacation on the island took place this week. Children will be out of school until the 24th of April and families will soon be out and about enjoying everything Cozumel has to offer.

Organizations, businesses and Government Sectors are working together to ensure Cozumel Streets and beaches are safe for locals and visitors alike during this holiday. Among those represented were Naval Sector, Port Authorities, all levels of the police, Angeles Verde, Fire Department, Life Guards, 911 Operators, Transit Department, Red Cross, all of Cozumel Hospitals, public and private, volunteer groups and even the Taxi Union.

Cozumel Mayor Perla Tun thanked everyone involved in working together to ensure that Cozumel residents and Tourists both Foreign and National have an accident free vacation and if an accident does occur, that it is prevented from becoming a fatality.

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The Sun Garage Sale

The Sun Garage Sale, formerly known as “The On-Going Garage Sale” was started as a means to collect gently used clothing and goods to be donated to the poor and/or sold at low cost to raise funds for our many projects in Las Fincas and our immediate neighborhood.

We have donated or sold the majority of the second hand clothing and articles we collected in 2016. Our garage sales will resume again next month, and need your donations. Please consider dropping off the items you no longer use or need at our home/store #1081 35 Avenida between Calles 17 & 15 Bis. You can also call at 987-118-4453 or 987-120-5902 to arrange a pick up at your home. All Clothing, Housewares, Furniture, Appliances, etc. will be greatly appreciated. Your donations or proceeds from your donations are guaranteed to go towards a family in need or to a good cause. A special Thank you to Ron & Tina Mannes, Kathy McGinn, and other contributors for their generosity. 

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There are English language worship services in Cozumel. Cozumel has a variety of Churches representing almost all denominations. Many people choose to attend a Church of choice and follow the service in Spanish as best they can. This is a great way to practice your Spanish. The following is a list of worship services that are in the English Language (CHABAD Service is in Hebrew):

Church of Christ / Inglesia de Cristo
Calle 55 entre Adolfo Rosados Salas calle 3 sur
Cozumel, Quintana Roo, Mexico
Tel: +52 01 987 564 0462 / Pedro Castenadas



Ebeneezer 001Ebenezer Presbyterian Church

30th Ave. at 10th Street North

Services in English every Sunday at 9 a.m.

Jesus Es ReyJesus Es Rey Bible Church
Corner of Ave. 95 y Calle 39
Services in English Sundays at 10 a.m.
Ola de Gracias

Non-denominational Christian Church
30th Avenue Between Calles 29 &  27 
next to the Jackpot Casino
Sundays at 10 am
Wednesdays at 7 pm the services
Depending on Pastor either in Spanish translated into English
or in English Translated into Spanish.
Erik Lucy - English
Pastor Castillo - Spanish
Pastor Traconis - Blends both Languages

plaza del sol

 CHABAD of Cozumel
5th Avenue between Juarez and 1st
2nd Floor PLAZA DEL SOL close to the San Miguel Pier
Cozumel, Quintana Roo, Mexico
US Phone: +1 (305) 432-2406 or +1 (770) 666-5428
Mexico Cell Phone: +521 (987) 111-9715 or +521 (987) 117-9518
Kabbalat Shabbat Friday night: Sunset

Your place of worship not listed? Please contact me with the information, I will be happy to inform the readers!

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We Speak English!
Telephone:   987-120-5903
06:30 a.m. – 10:00 p.m. Monday through Friday
08:00 a.m. – 10:00 p.m. Saturday
08:00 a.m. – 09:30 a.m. Sunday
11:00 a.m. – 09:00 p.m. Sunday
35 Avenida Sur Entre Calles 17 y 15 Bis
Colonia Independencia (Near the Independencia Sports Center)

Cozumel  Ladie’s Breakfast

Our group meets every Wednesday at nine. Look for weekly announcements in our Facebook Page for location information. In addition to meeting wonderful Ladies from all over the world, the breakfast club is an excellent source of information gathering and networking. Breakfasts are informative and FUN! All Women are welcome to join us, even if you are just visiting our beautiful Island.   If you wish to be placed on the mailing list, contact: Betty Li at


The Men’s Breakfast Club
The men meet every Friday at 8:00 a.m. Fogo do Brazil Melgar & Calle 5 Fogo Do Brasil has a parking lot free – Park in the lot on Calle 5 between Rafael E. Melgar and 5 Av (alongside the Hyperbaric Chamber). Present your ticket to your server at Fogo do Brasil and your parking is free of charge.


Blue Angel Restaurant
+52 9878720819
Bohemian Dinner with Music and Ocean Waves Blue Angel Restaurant Cozumel.
Salvador Formento Plays Thursday, Friday and Saturday 8:00pm – 10:00 pm

Turquoise Beach Club  Sundays at 6 p.m.

Circuit Ultra de La Selva Cozumel 2017 April 29th

El Cedral

Information to Follow!

turtle rescueCozumel Annual Turtle Breeding Season

May 15th – October 28th

mayan-journey11th Annual Sacred Mayan Journey

May 2017

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