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In this Cozumel Sun: The Sacred Mayan Crossing to Cozumel is Coming, Keeping Important Documents Safe in Mexico, How to apply for and renew a Mexico Driver’s License in Cozumel, How to apply for CURPINAPAM (Senior Discount Card) RFC (Mexico Tax ID Number), and a  Mexico Social Security Number in Cozumel.

The Sacred Mayan Crossing


Once again it is time for the wonderful reenactment of the Sacred Mayan Crossing. The Sacred Mayan Crossing is an event that recreates one of the most ancient traditions of the Mayan culture; the annual pilgrimage of the Mayan oarsmen, who braved the ocean on their canoes and crossed to the island of Cozumel. They did it to worship the Goddess Ixchel by taking her offerings in search of her divine message for the Mayan people.


The Opening ceremony takes place in X’Caret Park the evening of the 25th of May.   At 5:30 a.m.  on Friday May 26th, 300 men and women will board 30 canoes and row from Playa del Carmen to Cozumel. They will arrive at Cozumel’s Chankanaab Park approximately mid-day.

The participants are from Solidaridad (Playa del Carmen), Tulum, and Cozumel. Cozumel usually has 15 women and 15 men representing our island. That evening a traditional ceremony is reenacted in Chankanaab Park.


The following morning, on the 27th at 7:30 am  the canoes will journey back to X’Caret Park, estimated to arrive around 12:30.

In anticipation of strong currents due to the New Moon, for the first time there will be a Catamaran Flag ship accompanying the canoes. This will aid the canoes to stay on track and provide a safety measure.

There are free tickets being distributed to X’Caret Park for the 26th, but no mention of where you can pick them up. If you manage a free ticket to the event and get there before 5:30 in the morning of the 26th, you may stay at the park for free all day.

Other-wise, after 5:30 on the 26th and on the 27th, ticket prices are $299 pesos for adults and $150 pesos for children at X’Caret Park. I am assuming prices as usual at our Chankanaab Park.

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IMPORTANT2Keeping Important Documents in Cozumel

Every official document is important in Mexico. There is a lot of red tape involved to acquire them, and even more red tape if you lose them. It is imperative that you keep all your documents and documentation organized and current. You must keep copies of ALL the documents that you carry with you in your purse, wallet or vehicle.  Even if you keep these documents in a safe until you are ready to use them, it is good practice to have a copy. When traveling in Mexico you must have proof that you are in the Country legally at all times! I am afraid of losing my originals so I make a color copy of my resident card, license and senior card, cut to size, front and back faced and glued and laminated. I carry my copies and leave my originals at home in the safe. Have copies of your Passport, CURP, Plan Locale, INAPAN, Driver’s License, FPMC, RFC, Mexican Social Security, AND your Immigration Card.

At home in a safe place you MUST keep the following documents:

–       Official Certified Birth Certificate & Certified Translation

–       Official Marriage License & Certified Translation

–       Last Will & Testament  from your Country of Citizenship & Mexican Last Will & Testament

–       Power of Attorney (Officially translated if not filed in Mexico)

–       Living Will Officially Translated

–       Burial / Cremation Preferences Officially translated & notarized.

–       Keep Receipts of Paid Taxes and Utilities for 5 years

–       Homeowners: Deeds & Land Trust documents & Insurance

–       Renters: Rental Contract & Receipts of payments

–       Vehicles: Permits, Ownership, taxes, & Insurance

–       Business Owners: Ownership Documents, Paperwork, receipts, taxes & Insurance

–       Business Owners instructions for termination of employees in the event of your death.

–       Banking: Documents & an authorized backup person you can entrust to withdraw your funds to pay your expenses should you be incapacitated, hospitalized, or for your burial expenses in the event of your death.

There are Nine important Mexican Documents that you will need to apply for, some mandatory and some that will give you discounted services.

What these credentials are for: A CURP number is now being assigned by immigration to new applicants for temporary and permanent residents, a copy of the card will be required for a number of things. A MEXICAN DRIVERS LICENSE is mandatory to drive in Mexico if you have a Permanent Resident status. The INAPAM (Senior Card), PLAN LOCALE (Ferry Discount also frequently used for proof of residency), and  FUNDACIÓN DE PARQUES Y MUSEO DE COZUMEL  cards are equally important because they will enable you to receive discounts only available to residents on the island. You will need a MEXICAN SOCIAL SECURITY NUMBER to apply for IMSS Insurance and an RFC number if you want to receive and give out Facturas, or in other words, file taxes,  ask for tax exemption or lower the amount of taxes when you are earning an income or selling property.

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The CURP (Clave Unica de Poblacion) is needed to apply for a Mexican driver’s license, employment, collecting pensions, enrolling a child in school, registering your cellular telephone, and certain bank transactions. The CURP  number is now assigned to you as part of  the immigration process. Once you receive your CURP number, you can go on-line and print out your CURP card.  Here’s the link to the page .

Sergio’s Silver from Taxco Cozumel Town Square Park Juárez Ave. #117 x 5th Ave Mon- Saturday: 10:00 a.m. – 8 p.m. Phone: 01 987 872 7632 Email: Website:



The RFC is your Tax Identification Number, needed if you are selling or providing services that create revenues. It is issued by SAT, Secretary of Hacienda and Public Credit, the Mexican version of the IRS or Revenue Canada.  As of September 2014, it is needed in order to sell or purchase Mexican Property. It is my understanding that you can start the process by applying on line at using your CURP number. I applied at the SAT office on 30th. I took along all my copies of: CURP, Immigration Credential, Utility Bill, and Copy of my Passport front Page. In no time I was issued a tax ID number, (RFC) and handed a how to disk with instructions and informational pamphlets. You can make an appointment with their accountant who can assist you on a one to one basis if you run across any problems. I am able to issue and receive Facturas for my work with The Cozumel Sun. I am able to do it all on-line including filing my taxes every two months. An RFC number will enable you to receive facturas for your home improvements and repairs to offset your capital gains tax in time of sales. The document is letter size. The above illustration is what the very top of the document looks like.

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The INAPAM card is the official senior credential in Mexico. The card enables you to receive the local senior discount which includes bus and ferry transportation, property taxes (50%), non-Simi drug stores,movies and more!

Where:         The DIF Park on 50th between Calle 3 & 5.  They are open Monday – Friday from 9 a.m. – 1:00 p.m. They often do not have cards available, but they are good at posting when to expect them.

Bring: (As of December 2016)
2 copies of birth certificate
2 copies of CURP card
2 copies of proof of residence (CFE or CAPA Bill)
2 copies of IFE (Instituto Federal Electoral) This would not apply to foreign nationals as we can’t vote Substitute with your Visa or Permanent Resident Card Copies
3 infantile color photographs without glasses
Name and telephone number of a person to contact in case of an accident
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SSI – The Mexico Social Security Number:  You need a Mexican Social Security Number in order to apply for the Mexican Social Security Medical Insurance. Apply on line at: .   All you need to have handy is your CURP number, an Email address and a printer. Follow the step by step instructions and you can print out this valuable document in minutes. The document is letter size.

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How to Apply for a Mexico Driver’s Licence in Cozumel


Where:  The Police station adjacent to the Municipal building. As you enter take an immediately left to office at end of the hall.Other Requirement:  They will give you an appointment for a 2 hour class, Exam and driving test. The course and exam are 100% in Spanish. 2 hour course first, then a 4 page written exam. Exam can be oral if necessary and translators are allowed. Cost:  2016 Cost was $383 pesos for the license $20 pesos for the exam, $80-$100 pesos for Blood Test.

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Renewing A Driver’s License in Cozumel

The Cozumel Sun Garage Sale

The next Garage Sale will  be the first weekend in June! Plenty of time for you to gather all the things that you no longer use! The Sun Garage Sale, formerly known as “The On-Going Garage Sale” was started as a means to collect gently used clothing and goods to be donated to the poor and/or sold at low cost to raise funds for our many projects in Las Fincas and our immediateneighborhood.

Please consider dropping off the items you no longer use or need at our home/store #1081 35 Avenida between Calles 17 & 15 Bis. You can also call at 987-118-4453 or 987-120-5902 to arrange a pick up at your home. All Clothing, Housewares, Furniture, Appliances, etc. will be greatly appreciated. Your donations or proceeds from your donations are guaranteed to go towards a family in need or to a good cause.


Papeleria Mama Lilly

School and Office supplies, copies, printing, laminating,
scanning, and binding. Gifts and Novelty Items. Computer Access,
Calls to Mexico, U.S, and Canada. We provide Facturas, and
deliver to your home, business, or office.


We Speak English!
Telephone:   987-120-5903
06:30 a.m. – 10:00 p.m. Monday through Friday
08:00 a.m. – 10:00 p.m. Saturday
08:00 a.m. – 09:30 a.m. Sunday
11:00 a.m. – 09:00 p.m. Sunday
35 Avenida Sur Entre Calles 17 y 15 Bis
Colonia Independencia (Near the Independencia Sports Center)

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