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The Marvels of Cozumel’s Quintana Roo Park

It never ceases to amaze me how many activities exists on our small island paradise. There really is no excuse for anyone to be bored, there is something going on for everyone on this island, you just have to look. Today I have a report on Cozumel’s Quintana Roo Park, a Cozumel Bicycling Group called, Compartamos La Vida, and The Cozumel Calendar of Events for October and November 2017.


Charlie and I drive by Quintana Roo Park every time we venture downtown in our chairs. That is the park adjacent to the Municipal Palace. Chedraui is visible to the south of the park and the Mega back entrance is visible on the North side of the park. I noticed that in the early evenings there are always vendors setting up their carts and stands. We return by a different route, so we never got to see what actually goes on in that park at night.

Last week we made it a point to take the granddaughter one evening. It is a haven for children! There is playground equipment and plenty of paved areas for bicycles, tricycles, skateboards, scooters, skates, or battery operated vehicles or toys! Remote control cars will work great there. If you have children or grandchildren to entertain, have them bring their entertainment and you can sit on a park bench and enjoy the beautiful evening while they play.

There is a battery operated vehicle booth where you can rent your child or grandchild a toy vehicle to drive around the park in. I rented a Barbie Convertible for Gigi for $30 pesos.  I spotted some non-battery operated children’s vehicles for rent also. There are sections set up with children’s painting easels. For $25 pesos your child gets to pick out a canvas page to color out of a large variety of themes. They provide paints and a brush, and the child sits and paints his or her masterpiece.

The Food

Booths abound with every sort of delicious fare that you may crave. It reminds me of State Fair time back in the states! All the traditional Mexican foods that you see during carnival time, plus goodies such as Pizza, Cotton Candy, non-alcoholic beverages, and more.


The Entertainment

I did not investigate the entertainment that evening, I was told the clowns where setting up to start their show.  The music offered ranges from big band, traditional Mexican, Punk, Rock, Rap, etc. There have dance groups that perform. Many parades and races start and end at Quintana Roo Park, another form of entertainment. There is entertainment nightly on the bandstand weather permitting. Check out the Cozumel Sun’s Calendar of Events for entertainment in Quintana Roo Park.



The Cozumel Bicyclists Group Compartamos La Via

A group of over fifty bicyclers of all ages where gathering in front of the palace. Curiosity got the better of me and I went to investigate. They are a Cozumel group of cyclist joined to promote bicycling and bike safety. (Compartamos La Via) They meet regularly to ride as a group and each ride promotes a message. This night’s message was proper lighting for night riding. The young man that I spoke to directed me to their Facebook page for information: Compartamoslavía Grupo.

Their Facebook Group Description reads: “Amigos: pretendemos reunir a todos los estilos de ciclistas en la isla con el sólo propósito de generar un movimiento fuerte pro-ciclismo. Únanse, inviten a sus conocidos ciclistas o que usen bici, propongan, compartan fotos, inviten a rodadas, etc.”

English: “Friends: We aim to bring together all styles of cyclists on the island for the sole purpose of generating a strong pro-cycling movement. Join us, invite known bikers or use anyone that bikes, propose ideas, share photos, invite to ride along, etc.”

If you have a bicycle, give their page a like and consider joining them on one of their safety promoting rides. By the way, they have a police escort for safety. It is another Cozumel Family oriented activity. Their next ride is posted for October 21, and they are in the planning stages.

The Cozumel Sun Calendar of Events

There is always something going on in Cozumel!

Check the Seasonal, Daily Events, and Holiday Sections before planning your day!

Coming Up Next!


Watch The Meteor Shower
Planetarium $40 Pesos
October 21 4 am to 6 am

National Mezcal Fair
October 27 at 6 pm
Melgar & Calle 10 N


Second Annual 2k Run of  Catrinas & Calaveras
November 2
Parade will start at 6 pm on Melgar (the waterfront) in front of the Flag
to the Municipal Palace to Puerto Abrigo and back to the Flag!


Day of the Dead Costume Contest &
Friends & Family Bike Ride
November 4 at 6 pm
FREE no registration required
Lights and helmet mandatory- slow speed
Prizes for best costumes in child and adult category.
Route: Flag to Palace to Puerto de Abrigo to Palace



Gran Fondo New York (GFNY) Cozumel  November 12

Ironman Cozumel 2017 November 26th

Every week in Cozumel

Cozumel Annual Turtle Breeding Season

May 15th – October 28th


Cozumel Ladies Breakfast
Every Wednesday Morning at 9:15 am

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