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Our Boats:

All of our boats are professionally rigged with outriggers, down riggers, fighting chairs and equipment by Quantum, Penn International and Fin-Nor.  In fact, we are an official tester for Quantum equipment.  If you prefer, you are welcome to bring your own fishing gear on the trip. Let Albatros Charters customize a private fishing charter for you today!


albatros charters fishing1Deep Sea Fishing Charters:

Albatros Charters offers private sport fishing at its best. We supply all the necessary fishing gear – the lures, the bait, the licenses and refreshments.  We want to make your trip easy, fun and memorable. Sport fish are plentiful in our waters, but please remember, these are deep sea “fishing” trips, not “catching” trips. We have an Experienced, professional & fun crew!

All of our crew speak English and make your entire trip as enjoyable and easy as possible.  They take care of everything, including changing out bait, helping to reel in and of course, making sure you always have cold refreshments and snacks.    In other words, they will help as little or as much as you like.  On board, you’ll be provided with coolers of purified water, soft drinks, Mexican beers and snacks.  Our 6 and 8 hour charters also include a light lunch.  And don’t be surprised if the crew prepares some of your fresh catch for you on those 6 or 8 hour trips!

For your convenience, we pick you up and drop you off at your hotel pier.  Or if you’re arriving on a cruise ship or coming over from Playa del Carmen, we’ll meet you at a close pier for quick getaways and convenience.  We always strive to make your trip as safe, easy and enjoyable as possible.

albatros charters boat1

Albatros Charters Special Cruises

Cozumel offers something for just about everyone who loves being on the water.  If you’d like to take a day off from diving or fishing, we offer a variety of special day cruises that are sure to create memories of a lifetime!  Perfect for families or celebrating special occasions…or for no occasion at all!  Spending a relaxing day with beautiful views of our island and the Caribbean is an occasion on any day!  Ask about our special unadvertised trips (we cruise to some secret spots on the island where nobody else goes)!

If you have a small group, ask us about a private charter!

Since we customize our trips towards your needs, time frames and weather, you can enjoy the time as you choose, with people who are committed to your excursions.  Generally, we stop at 3 snorkel sites within about a 3 1/2 hour time frame and serve refreshments along the way.  We can also customize day boat/beach trips.

We love to take small groups and can do so easily and conveniently for you, whether you’re staying on the island at a hotel or coming from a cruise ship.  We need at least of 4 people for the per person rate.  We also love to take out groups of up to 20 people.  Most people traveling with a group prefer to keep the boat just to themselves, so we can give a private charter for your group and customize the trip to your preferences.

Do you have both divers and snorkelers in your group?  Would you like to go beyond snorkeling?  Let us know if you’d like to combine diving with snorkeling.  We will work with you for a great day out, both above and below the water!

sunset cruise

Sunset Cruises

Imagine a cool beverage in your hand, a light warm wind on your face and a slow boat ride while watching the beautiful colors of a Caribbean sunset.  This occurs daily here in Cozumel. On board one of Albatros Charters Sunset Cruises, we cater to your small private group or let you join in with others.  We invite you to hop aboard for a 2 to 2.5 hour sunset cruise while our attentive staff takes care of everything.  Many of our clients say this was the highlight of their trip!

albatros snorkel2Snorkel Trips

Customize your snorkel trips with the experts at Albatros Charters!  We excel at customizing and personalizing snorkel trips, which include refreshments and plenty of bottled water.  Snacks may include fresh fruit, pastries, granola bars and/or cookies   Special requests and pricing can include rum punch, beers and/or sodas as well.

Our experienced, English speaking guides lead you throughout the trip for a safe, pleasurable and memorable experience snorkeling in the beautiful, crystal, blue Caribbean waters of Cozumel.  Alone or in a group (minimum necessary), we can handle your snorkeling needs.

cielo starfishEl Cielo Day Cruise

What’s your idea of heaven?  Is it swimming in warm crystal clear turquoise water with starfish everywhere?   Here in Cozumel, heaven is called ‘El Cielo’!  Spend your day soaking up the sun and scenery on a nice slow boat ride to the southern point of the island.  You’ll be on a large, comfy boat with plenty of shade and an onboard bathroom.

Our crew gives you VIP service the entire way, starting with our famous Margaritas, rum punch or your choice of rum or vodka cocktail, plus plenty of beer, sodas or purified water, and some delicious snacks to munch on along the way.  Sirius satellite radio too!  We think of everything to make your day heavenly!

When the boat arrives at El Cielo, you’ll jump into the clearest water you’ve ever seen, with a white sandy bottom chock full of the most beautiful starfish.

The first class service continues even while you’re in the water.  Floats are provided and the crew will even bring you fresh drinks while you’re in the water!  What a great way to spend the day in Cozumel.  Don’t forget to bring your camera, especially an underwater one to get some fantastic starfish photos!  Discover heaven in Cozumel, at El Cielo!

Special Cruises Departures times are flexible, but usually we leave from Blue Angel Resort’s pier at 10:30 in the morning and return around 3:30 in the afternoon.  Albatros specializes in small groups, so advance reservations are required.  Please contact us to confirm availability.


albatros charters fishing2 
Albatros Charters offers a Local discount rate of 10% to Residents of Cozumel.  There are also Great Savings on “Filler” Rates! Contact Albatros Charters to sign up for a certain week or time frame. They will contact you if an opening is available on a boat to Snorkel or Cruise during that week or time frame and your discounted cost will depend on the activity. You may also follow Albatros on Facebook, last minute openings are advertised on an on-going basis. 
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