Cozumel DIF School Breakfast / Lunch Program

Desajunos Frios y Desajunos y Amuersos Caliente are projects to provide balance meals to school children that otherwise attend school on an empty stomach.  “Cold Breakfast and Hot Breakfast & Lunch” are provided to the many children that attend school on an empty stomach daily in Cozumel.

You can help by signing up to Godparent a child in need of food. The cost is only $120 pesos per month per child. Please join us, sign up at DIF and Godfather a child!

Contact DIF at 987-108-4855. The goal is to provide food for 600 school children, please help!



Cozumel Eliminate Plastic Grocery Bag Program

The island has a campaign to eliminate the use of shopping plastic bags and are encouraging all Cozumel Residents to use cloth bags to carry their groceries and other purchases.

This is going to be a tough habit to break, as the grocery stores all use plastics and the bags double for use in the homes for storage and trash.

We must set an example and either purchase the recycle bags available at the store or bring along our own cloth bags for our purchases.   Help us make a difference!


Manuel Pacheco Alamilla
Cozumel Youth Medalist
Paralimpiada Nacional Colima 2017


Cozumel Adopt a Champion Program

The City of Cozumel actively supports 33 youth athletes. They are in need of nutritional supplements, equipment, and travel and lodging for out of the island training and competition.

Economic and material support will allow the young athletes to develop  and grow in their sport  without external sports environmental pressures.

So far the City has received various donations and sponsors; They need more sponsors to cover 100% enrolled  33 talented athletes.

Margelí Castle Aguayo  made Nationals and was selected to represent Mexico and Cozumel in the world youth of weightlifting in Tokyo, Japan.

The delegation of Triathlon won for the first time in the history of our municipality medals in the sport fair with greater importance National Olympiad national 2017 through Bruno Larios Oro, Fiona Bernal Bronce and Álvaro Ramírez Bronce.

José Manuel Pacheco Alamilla who won gold medal in 100-meter, 200 meter silver medal and gold medal in in the national Paralympics 2017 long jump

In addition to our work in the search for sponsorship for our young promises we

You can choose to adopt one youth athlete, or spread your donation to a number of the athletes. You can donate any amount of money, specify what the donation is for, for example tennis shoes or 3-month supply of nutritional supplement for “X” (Athlete).

Cozumel Sports Direction will give you a list of Athletes and their needs for you to use. Contact Georgina Rocke at 987-111-4005


  • Purchase the equipment or supplement or
  • Make a payment at the Municipal Cashier as a donation in the name of the athlete.



Here is the list of our Champions & the Sport they are dedicated to:

  • Adolfo de la O: Tabla Vela
  • Alejandro Díaz : Atletismo
  • Álvaro Ramírez : Natación
  • Alondra Rivero: Natación
  • Andrea Agracia : Atletismo
  • Andrea Martin : Atletismo Jabalina
  • Angel Canual: Halterofilia
  • Aylin Varguez : Halterofilia
  • Bruno Díaz: Atletismo
  • Bruno Larios: Triatlón
  • Camila Morato: Atletismo
  • Carlos Yah Moo: Natación
  • Darvin Pech: Halterofilia
  • Erick Bobadilla: Atletismo
  • Fernanda Cervantes: Atletismo
  • Fernanda Martin: atletismo
  • Fernando Gómez: Luchas Asociadas
  • Fiona Bernal: Triatlón
  • Gabriel Castellanos: Luchas asociadas
  • Goretti Olarte: Atletismo
  • Jesús Conrado: Luchas Asociadas
  • José Pacheco Alamilla: Atletismo
  • Manuel Cruz: Tabla Vela
  • Margeli Castillo Aguayo: Halterofilia
  • Miguel Herrera: Halterofilia
  • Miguel Martínez: Luchas Asociadas
  • Natalia Zavala López: Luchas asociadas
  • Odeth Varguez: Halterofilia
  • Rubén Tah: Atletismo
  • Sofía Meléndez: Natación
  • Viviana Zavala López: Luchas Asociadas
  • Yolanda Bellos : Halterofilia
  • Manuel Meneses Canche: Judo

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