blood drive3Cozumel Blood Drive

The Cozumel Blood drive was started by friend Ronald Mannes to assist anyone in Cozumel in need of Blood. Cozumel does not have a blood bank and hospitals require that patients and their families find their own blood donors when needed in emergencies and even for scheduled operations.

Since we do not have a blood bank in Cozumel, there are times; patients bleed out due to lack of blood. Having a list of people to call can save a life!

Realizing how difficult it is for family members in the middle of a medical crisis to have to leave their loved one to search for blood donors, Mr. Mannes set up a Facebook page that can be used to recruit and maintain a list of volunteer donors and their blood types.

When a call for help  comes to their attention, members on the list are contacted and the need is posted on the Facebook page. If you have not already done so, please sign up at:

The current moderator of the Cozumel Blood Drive is Ms. Liz Toth, also available through Facebook. She can be contacted to join, ask questions, or assist in making donation. Soon the forms will be in English to make it easier on English speaking community.

Thanks to all who have or will join!

 blood drive2Requirements for donating blood

People over 18 and less than 65 years of age.
• Body weight greater than 50 kg /100 pounds.
• For women: they are not in their period and not lactating or have been pregnant in the last 6 months.
• Not being sick at the time of the donation (or allergies to food or medicine).
• Had last meal at 22:00 hours/10 p.m. and arrive in state of fasting.
• If you have had surgery in the last 6 months, you can give, if you did not receive a blood transfusion.
• Have not had alcohol for 3 days.
• Have not taken aspirin or some other medication  7 days before donation.

In addition if you have a tattoo over two years old you can give blood.
(I asked the administrator do you have to show proof and she said no. but we will have to see, should not be a problem.)

Women on hormone replacement can give blood

blood drive5Please talk with your friends and explain the importance of this program. Ask them if they would be willing to save a life by signing up. After joining the group please pm me with your contact info and state if you are here full-time. Remember by helping others you are helping yourself.

blood drive4

In Spanish:

Requisitos para donar
**Personas mayores de 18 y menores de 65 años de edad.
**Peso mayor a 50 kg/100 libras.
**Para las mujeres: no están en su período y no lactantes o han estado embarazadas en los últimos 6 meses.
**No estar enfermo en el momento de la donación (o alergias a alimentos o medicinas). **Tenía la última comida en 22:00 hrs/22 y llegar en estado de ayuno.
**Si usted ha tenido cirugía en los últimos 6 meses, usted puede donar, si no ha recibido una transfusión de sangre.
**No tienen alcohol durante 3 días.
**No han tomado aspirina o algunos otros medicamentos durante un período de 7 días antes de la donación.
**Además, si tienes un tatuaje más de dos años pueden donar sangre.
**Las mujeres en reemplazo de la hormona pueden donar sangre por favor hablar con tus amigos y explicar la importancia de este programa.

**Preguntarles si estarían dispuestos a salvar una vida al registrarse. Después de unirse a grupo complacerme pm con su información de contacto y el estado si estás a tiempo completo. Recuerde por ayudar a otros que está ayudando a ti mismo.

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