Assist CONANP (Comision Nacional de Areas Naturales Protegidas) with protecting the turtles of San Martin. There are Tours every Tuesday Night.

Calle 4 Norte Entre Avenidas 15 & 20. Centro Colonia 987-872-4689.

 baby turtlesCozumel Sea Turtle Rescue

By Cindy Trautwein

Lemuel Pena is the new coordinator from the Dept. of Ecology and has the following planned for this year’s season – Approximately 500 nests so far — last year’s season was 7000- this year has started slower.


baby turtles 2You may participate in the Nesting of the Turtles on the ‘wild side’ of the island on Sunday and Monday evenings only beginning at 10.30 p.m. for 1 to 2 hours – limited to 10 in a group and you Must Have a Reservation – donations of $50 for this guided educational experience. It is possible to extend the time but arrangements must be made in advance. Meet at the Dept of Ecology located at the ‘big Cenote’ on 65 a little south of Moby Dick – call 9871054708 Cindy Trautwein volunteer coordinator for arrangements- you must have your own transportation and dress appropriately for participating in the nesting of the turtles. Gloves, lights etc. will be furnished – bring water. This NESTING opportunity will be until early September

turtlesBeginning approximately July 25th located at the Turtle Trailer on the ‘wild side’ at San Martin Beach (well marked) you may participate in the Orientation at the trailer with a $25 donation daily at 3; 00 p.m. for approximately 1 hour At this time you will learn about the Green Turtles and the Loggerhead Turtles and following Orientation participate in the SEARCH and RESCUE of the babies that wouldn’t have otherwise been released unless you volunteered to help dig for their rescue.  These nests will be located for you by other local volunteers – you will then begin the search for the survivors by digging…deep. Once found, you will gather them for a “Natural” release at sunset with approximately 125 other baby turtles making their way from the nest to the surface. Then you will be a witness in their freedom to the ocean only a few from each nest return. Goes on TO mid NOVEMBER…. This is a must do when in Cozumel.












When coming to Cozumel – please consider bringing the following to assist with the Cozumel Turtle Project. I will be happy to meet you to collect anything you can bring with you Cindy Trautwein or 9871054708. The needs are aaa batteries for the head lamps – latex gloves for digging in the nests and plastic tape so we can secure the area for the natural releases at sunset as well as plastic tape is used (does not need to say caution) around the stakes in the sand for marking the nests…


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