The Cozumel Sun News December 16, 2017

Monopoly of Cozumel Vehicle Ferry to End Soon

The cargo crossing to Cozumel and Isla Mujeres will have new alternatives for users with the arrival of the ships “Ultracarga I, II and II”.

These vessels will break the monopoly currently maintained by the companies that operate the federal routes between Cozumel and Punta Venado and Isla Mujeres and Puerto Juarez.

“All the paperwork has already been done, we are waiting for these boats to arrive. With this there will be a benefit because the offer will be opened, “said Emilio Villanueva Sosa, Director of the Apiqroo in Cozumel.

He indicated that the hours and the subject of the operation have not yet been defined. He insisted that competition is always healthy because the service is improved and there are better prices. He explained that the loading dock has sufficient capacity to operate with this new service.

Sergio’s Silver from Taxco
Cozumel Town Square Park
Juárez Ave. #117 x 5th Ave
Mon- Saturday: 10:00 a.m. – 8 p.m.
Phone: 01 987 872 7632

Sailboat Aground in Cozumel

There is a huge sailboat stranded in downtown Cozumel, neither the Secretariat of the Navy of Mexico, nor the Harbor Master, nor the owner, have done anything to remove it and return it to the sea. I was very surprised at the size, much larger in person than the pictures.

It is not a new boat, but a sailboat with obvious features of deterioration. It ran aground a week ago in front of the Museum of the Island of Cozumel, as a result of the “Norte” that entered that caused higher waves and strong winds.

It had been mentioned at the time, that as soon as the weather subsided, this vessel was to be removed by the Naval Sector. On the day of the incident, naval personnel went to this site, but did not do anything to tow this sailboat. It was reported that the waves prevented it and that they would wait to have better conditions to do it.

It is important that action is taken soon before damage is done to the marine environment.

Baldwin’s Guest House Cozumel
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USA & Canadá: (770) 934-6987
Cozumel December 01-15 2017 Public Safety and Traffic Reports
Bandida Fishing Charters
Cozumel, México
Phone México (052) 987 872-4573
Toll free U.S.A 1-855-246-0186
Ebriedad (Drunkenness) 47 , Alteracion (Altercation) 30 , Toxicamano (Graffiti) 17, Rinas (Quarrels) 07, Faltas a la Moral (lack of Morals) 03, Otra Faltas (Other Offences) 09. Total Arrests 113.
Albatros Charters
Come Cruise with Us!
Fishing Snorkeling & Cruising Cozumel
U.S. (630) 938-7603 (Vonage)
Cozumel: (987) 872-7904
Robo (Robbery/Theft) 04,  Allanamiento (Weapons) 02 , Injuries 00, Otro (Other) 01. Turned over to Public Ministry Common Jurisdiction 04 / Turned Over  to Public Ministry Federal Jurisdiction 00

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Taz Miranda

Cozumel Reported Robberies this period 33

Calls to Public Safety 510 317 emergency 193 non-emergency


Accidents 13, Failure to take precautions 12, Alcoholism 00, Speeding 01,  Infringements Made 126, Turned over to Public Ministry Common Jurisdiction 03.
Blue Angel Resort & Dive Shop
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Dive Packages –
Hotel – Hotel & Dive Packages
Scuba School 5 Star IDC Center
+52 9878720819
Impounded Vehicles during this period: Motorcycles 22, Automobiles 20, Trucks 00, for a total of 42.
Aurita’s Cozumel Family

Aurita’s Cozumel  Corner

The Cold Front left Charlie and I immobilized! How funny! I remember when we vacationed here from Minnesota this time of year we used to laugh at the locals in their sweaters, jackets, and hats. We were in our shorts and summer attire and told all that would listen that this was barbeque weather in Minnesota. After living in paradise for twelve years our bodies are no longer Minnesota winterized and we are in our sweaters and jackets shivering along with the locals. Take a look at this adorable video that the City released on recommendations to survive the cold!

Kuuch: Temporada de frío.

Para esta temporada de frío, #Kuuch trae unas buenas recomendaciones para cuidar de tu salud y la de tu familia. En #IslaCozumel, #SomosFamilia cuidando familias. #ComunidadResponsable

Posted by Isla Cozumel MX on Wednesday, December 13, 2017

I have IMSS Medical Insurance which is Social Security insurance in Mexico. Charles and I go in one a month for preventive care and get a number of our prescriptions filled for free. The plan includes annual immunizations and referrals to specialists for whatever ails us, as well as emergency care and hospitalization. (See IMSS Insurance in The Cozumel Sun Business Directory under Health Insurance).

I was hospitalized last month for 48 hours for problems with my gall bladder. I felt fine after treatment, and was hesitant to let them operate as I have always gone back to the United States for non-emergency issues such as my hip replacement a few years ago.

I cannot afford the trip this year, so I am going to have my gall bladder removed on December 26th. It is not the easy out surgery operation that they do back home and in the private hospitals here. This is the old fashion operation, using a scalpel. Yes, I will do anything for my readers, a full report to follow the first week in January!

We went to the Municipal Palace yesterday and paid our Property Taxes, and 2018 Garbage Fees for the house as well as Garbage fees for the business. Get there as quickly as possible to enjoy the discounts:

Cozumel 2018 Early Payment Tax Discounts

2018 Predial Taxes (Property Taxes)

20% Discount if paid anytime this month (December).

15% Discount if paid January 2nd – January 31st

10% Discount if Paid February 1st through the 28th

Contributors (owners) that are disabled, retired, pensioned, or hold INSEN or INAPAM credentials (Senior Card) a qualify for a 50% discount. Some restrictions and limits apply.

City of Cozumel 2018 Basura (Trash) Fees

The Discount for residential and commercial trash pickup charges for 2018 is 10% if paid between December 2017 and February 28, 2018.

Allocate your Business Taxes to a Cozumel Youth Athlete! The donation is tax deductible for businesses! If you have a business, you may deduct 100% of the donation from your city of Cozumel taxes. Here is a description of Cozumel’s Adopt a Champion Program. For more information on City of Cozumel Volunteer Opportunities:


Cozumel Sun 2017 Community Projects you Can Still Help Accomplish:

Christmas Toy Drive: Five Families nine children need Cash Donations, as I purchased gifts during Buen Fin Sale.

Fireman’s Family:  A neighbor is a Cozumel Fireman. When I first wrote about the family, Mom was at home  (hospice), after months of hospitalization that failed to restore her health.   I am sorry to announce that the Mom passed away last week from complications of her Diabetes. We were able to donated cash towards the funeral expenses and flowers. The two children are included in my toy drive (girls ages 4 years and 12 years). A correction, Grandma does not live with them, she lives in a small house directly behind their small home. This has enabled her to help care for her dying daughter and granddaughters. The family is really in a bad financial situation. I need a food basket for family of five. Update: Both girls need medical attention. We donaated $1,200 for Laboratory work on the twelve year old.

Fincas FamilyMaterial for Roofing and Flooring, Food Basket for Family of Four need cash or materials/food stuffBoth children are included in my Toy Drive.


Bartolo Martines Martines: In a recent article I wrote that I was going to put a roof on our small front porch that I use for the Cozumel Sun garage sales.  I work the garage Sales alone and the  heat and sun  is unbearable at my age. Many times sales are hindered by rain, and just the task of dragging everything in and out of the house is strenuous. So I decided to remodel the front porch, put on a roof with a ceiling fan, and add additional security so that I could keep the items stored in the porch. After pricing everything, to fit our budget and save money my adopted son Bartolo took on the task. It took us a few months to scrape up the money for the material, but we did it. Everything went smoothly, except we had problems with rain leaking in around the edges once it was finished. After a number of failed products, we found a cement form that worked.

Then the unthinkable happened, last week the ladder fell apart under Bartolo while sealing the roof. He fell from the second floor  and fractured his wrist and elbow in multiple places. His insured hospital (Issste) could not perform the surgery needed and we had no alternative but to move him to a private hospital for the surgeries. The good news is if he does not move it for the next month he is expected to make a full recovery. I borrowed the resulting $55, 850 pesos for the hospital stay and surgery. This does not include medicines and follow up visits. Bartolo will be out of work for at least three months.  He has been working maintenance at an elementary school Monday through Friday from 5:30 am to 12:30 pm, then Neighborhood store until ten at night, and a third job part time until two in the morning. The inability to work is driving him crazy and in the meantime I have lost my right hand man and main supporter and backup.

Sun Garage Sale: Now collecting for after the Holidays Distribution and Sales: Please keep donating the items you do not need, drop it off anytime day or night, or call and we will pick up! 

Papeleria Mama Lilly &
The Cozumel Sun Headquarters

Our Neighborhood Store: Need Office Supplies, copies, printing, laminating, internet access? Give Papeleria Mama Lilly your business!  Store proceeds go towards helping a local family become self-sufficient.  Located with The Cozumel Sun Offices in my home at 35 Avenida Sur Entre Calles 17 & 15 Bis Colonia Independencia.

Again, our home houses The Cozumel Sun Office, Papeleria Mama Lilly Store, our Collection Center and Garage Sales. We are located at #1081 35 Avenida Sur between Calles 17 and 15 Bis. Colonia Independencia.  Anyone outside of the island can donate to any of our projects through The Cozumel Sun  via PayPal.

Donate to The Cozumel Sun!
Help keep us going by making a donation!

Buccanos Beach Club
Beach Club Open Daily 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.
Reservations: 01 987 872 0100

Where to make Payments:

You can pay your 2018 Taxes and Trash at the Municipal Palace payment module, The Proteccion Civil Office (Firehouse by the Shell), or Biblioteca Publica Office located on 30th by Soriana.

Municipal Palace Cashier Hours:
Monday through Friday 8:00 am – 9:00 pm
Saturdays   9:00 am – 9:00 pm

Proteccion Civil Office Hours:
Monday through Friday 8:00 am – 3:00 pm

Biblioteca Publica Office Hours:
Monday through Friday 8:00 am – 3:00 pm


Cozumel Symphonic Band Wednesday 7.30 pm in Casa de la Cultura Ixchel. 50th Avenue with Juárez Avenue Free event

Musas del Mar


“Muses of the Sea.”  A collective exhibition of the vision of 13 different women is still on display until January 8th, 2018.  The artists are from different origins, cultures, ages, education and artistic expression.  What unites these “Muses” is their love of art and their proximity of the Ocean.

The exhibition is housed at the Encounter Gallery which is located on the second floor of the Plaza del Sol, in the downtown park directly behind the clock tower.  Visiting hours are Tuesday – Sunday from 11 am until 6 pm.   Admission is free.


Cozumel Carnaval 2018 Kicks Off with Introduction of Candidates

Presentación del Carnaval Cozumel 2018.

Con mucha alegría y emoción, así se llevó a cabo la Presentación del #CarnavalCozumel2018: ¡La fiesta del Caribe! Conoce más sobre una de las tradiciones más importantes de #IslaCozumel.

Posted by Isla Cozumel MX on Thursday, December 14, 2017


Aura Holguin-Resch
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