The Cozumel Sun News January 29, 2018

In Today’s The Cozumel Sun News: A Chance for Cozumel to Help Stop Animal Cruelty by Liza Anne Ramirez, “Pidamos Justicia”, Cozumel 2018 Predial and Trash Payment Discount Continue, Cozumel CRIC has a Neurologist Coming in March, Cozumel Cable, Internet, and Television Service, Cozumel Crime Report January 12 -26 2018, Cozumel Holds Election for Carnival Royalty, Cozumel – Calica  Transcaribe Vehicle Schedule, Cozumel Carnaval Schedule 2018, and more!

Cozumel Holds Election Carnival Royalty


More than 2700 carnival members came to support their favorite candidate on the big night of voting. The evening began with the Official Carnival  Ballet, which took to the stage with a suit emulating the fire that keeps the carnival spark alive. Later Fernando Ferráez opened this night of voting by introducing the four candidates for King and Queen of this edition of the Fiesta del Caribe.

Frank Alonso and his comparsa were the first to appear on stage. Presenting the “Lonchería Alonzos”, with fresh choreography and costumes consisting of fruit headdresses and kitchen utensils.

Then, Ana Zetina began her presentation with great elegance dressed in colorful feathers inspired by celebrations of the 500 years the encounter between two cultures.

Later, Eva Romo began her presentation with an extravagant style characteristic of the carnival, with feathers and Caribbean colors.

To close the night, Michelle Emporio delighted the carnival public with a purely Cozumel concept, extracting traditional elements such as the Fiesta del Cedral, and spectacular costumes with distinctive elements, such as colorful ribbons on one sleeve and back of the jacket.

After the presentations, the “Punto Cero” show, started while the carnival members went to the voting area to cast their vote for the candidate of their choice. At 2 o’clock in the morning they closed the  voting. The count was as follows: Frank Alonzo: 1444 votes,  Ana Zetina: 1136 votes, Eva Romo: 719 votes, and  Michelle Emporio: 407 votes. Photos and information from :

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A Chance for Cozumel to Help Stop Animal Cruelty

Cozumel Pidamos Justicia

By Lisa Anne Ramirez

The time is now…to support Dogs Cats and Horses of Cozumel and give them a voice!

The Humane Society of Cozumel Island is asking everyone who lives in Cozumel to join forces in solidarity and attend the Governor of Quintana Roo Carlos Joaquin’s Public Forum on Tuesday January 30th, 1p.m. at the Convention Center. It is time to demand an effective strategy TO STOP ANIMAL CRUELTY on our island. We are asking for compliance for the Animal Protection Laws. This is our chance to be the voice of the innocent animals who are subjected to inhumane treatment and cruelty at the hands of human beings. Although it is not mandatory, please where a white shirt so we can identify you as one of our supporters. Please do not miss this event. You will not get in any type of legal trouble for attending. It is our one chance to speak directly to the Governor of the state. #WEARETHEIRVOICE

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In Spanish:

¡Ahora es el momento … de apoyar a los perros, gatos y caballos de Cozumel y darles una voz!

La Sociedad Protectora de Animales de la Isla de Cozumel está pidiendo a todos los que viven en Cozumel que unan sus fuerzas en solidaridad y asistan al Foro Público del Gobernador de Quintana Roo Carlos Joaquín el martes 30 de enero a la 1p.m. en la Centro de Convenciones. Es hora de exigir una estrategia efectiva PARA DETENER LA CRUELDAD ANIMAL en nuestra isla. Estamos solicitando el cumplimiento de las Leyes de Protección Animal. Esta es nuestra oportunidad de ser la voz de los animales inocentes que son sometidos a un trato inhumano y crueldad a manos de los seres humanos. Aunque no es obligatorio, por favor, usa una camisa blanca para que podamos identificarte como uno de nuestros seguidores. Por favor, no te pierdas este evento. Es nuestra única oportunidad de hablar directamente con el Gobernador del estado. #SOMOSSUVOZ

Aurita’s Cozumel Corner

Hello everyone. I just read a question posted in Cozumel4you about problems getting United States Netflix and Hulu, etc. in Cozumel. Here is what I have in the Cozumel Sun on the subject. I have not updated the section in a while. Cablemas has improved somewhat as far as speed. I have kept them and added Telmex (Infinitum). Between the two companies I am ensured to have internet service at the community store where I have computers available to the neighborhood children to do their homework.

In this section you will learn what TV and cable services are available in Cozumel. Watching United States Television and Movies in Cozumel has come a long way since I first moved here. The internet has made available a wealth of options to enable us to connect. Life can get pretty lonely for those of us that are couch potatoes without our favorite television shows.

The following is a list of just SOME of the many options for watching TV. I use Chrome instead of Internet Explorer and change the language to English for the Latin America on-line sites.

Your Cable provider options are Cablemas, Cable de Cozumel, and Temex.










Other options are watching via your computer, laptop or IPad. You need to get a modum that has an United States IP address.

Libera Tu Red

Allows you to use services that just being in the United States could use. Services like Crackle, Vudu, Netflix, Pandora, Spotify, Fox, CBS, which are very different in Mexico or unavailable.  Libera tu Red Internet de EUA with Amaury.


tv & cable



B TV Guide:   Free   

Cuevana TV:   Free

Seriesid: Free           Free/Plans & DVR

Watch Series on Line Free:

Watch all Series on line:  Free  Free Free

Netflix:   $9.00 per month Approx

Accessories:  Roku, Apple TV, WII, X Box, and Rabbit TV ($9.99 at Walgreen’s). Roku and Apple TV will enable you to listen to Pandora Radio.

tv & cable 3

 Momentum Electronics (I had trouble with this company last year and switched to liberatured)

United States Modem (IP Address enables Netflix and Hulu Plus to work)


Brandon with his new Glasses

Update on Brandon: His next scheduled appointment is in six months. A second eye operation is almost a certainty. As soon as I know the details, I will inform you. Thank you again for all of you that made the operation, medication, transportation, and his new glasses possible.

Update on my son Bartolo Martinez Martinez: The pins are out!!! We now have therapy for a few months. He is still in a lot of pain and his arm is swollen, but all of it is normal, considering the injury.

NEW Plumber/Electrician Recommendation: We were without water pressure and hot water for about four weeks. What a headache to heat water on the stove and bathe with buckets of water as the ancestors! Once again, a silver lining! We found a wonderful plumber / Electrician that has restored the hot water system and we actually have water pressure without the need of one of those pressure machines! His name is Leonides and he can be reached at 987-119-3594. He was fast, reliable, and professional!

Update on My Operation: My surgery, rescheduled for January 18, has once again been canceled due to emergencies at IMSS. The new date is February 8th.

BUCCANOS Beach Club Hotel zone north of Cozumel Daily 9am- 5pm Buccanos at Night Wednesday – Sunday night from 6:00 p.m. to 11:00 p.m. Reservations: 01 987 872 0100

Stop with the Plastic Straws!

Did you know that an estimated 71% of seabirds and 30% of turtles have been found with plastics in their stomachs? If we don’t act now, by the year 2050 there will be more plastic in the ocean than fish. We’ve made the change to compostable cups at Buccanos and are proud to be doing our part!

Sun Garage Sale: Now collecting items for Distribution and Sales: Please keep donating the items you do not need, drop it off anytime day or night, or call and we will pick up!

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Toll free U.S.A 1-855-246-0186


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Neurologist Coming to Cozumel CRIC

📣Cozumel CRIC has a Neurologist Coming in March for Neurology consultations👩⚕

📋 The neurologist attends to all patients who require treatment of frequent ailments: Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, migraine, epilepsy, multiple sclerosis, tumors, muscular dystrophy, hyperactivity, attention deficit, among others. CRIC provides services based on income. If you are low income, please take advantage of this opportunity! Go to CRIC located on 11th almost to the transversal road on the right hand side and schedule your appointment. # DIFIslaCozumel # IslaCozumel.

Baldwin’s Guest House Cozumel 52 (987) 872-1148 USA & Canada: (770) 934-6987


Cozumel Crime Report January 12 -26 2018

Ebriedad (Drunkenness) 34 , Alteracion (Altercation) 37 , Toxicómano (Graffiti) 10, Rinas (Quarrels) 02, Faltas a la Moral (lack of Morals) 01, Otra Faltas (Other Offences) 09. Total Arrests 93.
Robo (Robbery/Theft) 01,  Allanamiento (Weapons) 06 , Injuries 01, Daños (Damages) 00. Turned over to Public Ministry Common Jurisdiction 02 / Turned Over  to Public Ministry Federal Jurisdiction 00
Total Calls to Public Safety 510 326 emergency 184 non-emergency.



Cozumel Reported Robberies this period 18
Accidents 20, Failure to take precautions 15, Alcoholism 04, Speeding 01,  Infringements Made 117, Turned over to Public Ministry Common Jurisdiction 05.

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